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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Coffee @ The Apartment

My best best friend - Kitman and I went to The Apartment @ The Curve for coffee after attending another best best friend's son's fullmoon party. This is probably the 3rd time I went there, frankly, I don't remember anything that I ate in that restaurant, which I think maybe the food is not what my tastebud fancy.

Since we were not eating, so, I was thinking maybe we can sit @ the bar station, of course I did ask the waitress can we sit there but not drinking (I mean alcohol), she asked if we were going to eat, she was considering we may not be comfortable sitting there while eating and this courteous gesture of hers give me a whole new warm and good impression.

Then sitting @ the bar, a black guy was ready to take our order, you know he was trying to be friendly, but seriously, racist ppl like me do not get his joke. Hahahaha

A nice view from the bar table

I ordered latte (caffein allergic ppl like me can only drink latte), then Kitman ordered mocha (in the picture)...
by sitting at the bar, we can actually see how the bartender makes our coffee...

While chatting, this dispenser diverted my attention... I bet anybody sit there will experience the same thing, the striking yellow is so attractive, especially with black background and lighting... it's interesting.

Kilkenny sitting next to that dispenser, interesting too, but not as attractive/ hot like the Strongbow

mini drama happen in the restaurant with me:
Kitman has a nature call, I was sitting at the bar day dreaming. The bartender walked to me and asked me what's bordering me, then I was like "huh, no no no, I'm just day dreaming". Then he introduced himself, saying that he is from Nigeria, came here to study, asked me to guess how old is he, so, bingo, he is 21, so I pointed at another group of people at the table, "so, you are like their age". He questioned how old am I, so I tell him straight! I think he gets what I mean, and he kind of stepped back a little bit and then, Kitman was back and she save me!

Haahhaha... gosh... why black? Can you give me a white or a hot/ good looking Chinese?

This dispenser is hotter, can't resist, got to take a final one before paying my cheque.
Since, I don't remember how does the food taste like, probably I should give them a try next time!
Kitman, I enjoyed that night very much, we should do it again before you are going back to your honey in US!!

the apartment
(The Curve)
For reservation:
Tel: 03-77278330

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