I love capturing photos of plants, food and non-living things because I always believe, although they are not human, but they do have their own expression and emotion yet to be read and appreciated.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bread Basket Bakery (Part 2)

My second visit to Bread Basket Bakery

Custom made mango lychee for me and Poh Yee
Because we said we can't finish a half kg cake, and they don't have slices, so, the baker made us this smaller version of mango lychee. So sweet!
Poh Yee somemore asking the baker to make heart shape cake for her, but they don't have the mold, so, he use a strawberry and cut it into heart shape. So so so sweet!


NEW! Honeydew longan cake

Opps, I forgot the name of this cake

Swiss Black Forrest

Below are some cup cake that they have:

They are so attractive... if you are full after tasting their meal, but you just can't stop eating without dessert, these are what you are looking for!

For those who has not seen part 1, here's the link!
Bread Basket Bakery - The passion of baking

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