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Friday, August 03, 2007

Bread Basket Bakery - The passion of baking

Last Sunday, 29th July 2007, aka Kelvin & Siow Hui wedding-date announcement day, A33 has a small gathering at Joanne's brother bakery shop - Bread Basket Bakery.

The shop is located in Kota Kemuning (please refer to the map at the bottom of this post for further details). Not very difficult to find although we are from, Cheras, PJ, Kepong, Subang...

When we reached there, wah, amazing, the shop appearance is absolutely professional, and the cake display is the main attraction, just like the tag of the shop, the passion of baking, you will definitely feel their passion when you taste the food.

Caution: I'm sorry, if you are very hungry right now, you are advised not to scroll down and see those picture. I'm not responsible for those who have gone mad of hunger after seeing this. :p

Cakes... yummy yummy
(Joanne, can I have all?)

Fairlady - Strawberry cake
The snow-white outer coat makes the cake "shine". I can't imagine if I have bought this cake, how am I going to make the first cut...

Mango Lychee
Oh, this cake is so unique. I have never seen this cake elsewhere. So, I ordered one for everybody to taste and ordered one, bring back to office for my colleagues, ehehe, doing promotion for Joanne as well.

Berry Island
I'm sorry if you mis-seen this cake as chocolate in color, it's actually a very romantic purple in color. Although I'm not a fans to berry, I will definitely give it a try on my next visit.

Oh, can you see how much blueberry the chef uses to make this cake?

Chocolate Delight
Another unique chocolate cake. Joanne, can caffeine-allergy person like me take this cake?

Chocolate Dream
OMG, my all time favorite chocolate cake... the rich chocolate coating is very tempting la.

Chocolate Garnish
Oh no... I can't make up my mind which to try on my next visit... just now I said I want to try the berry island, but I like this chocolate garnish also wo... how?

Chocolate Brownise
If you think this is just another ordinary brownise, you are absolutely wrong...

Chocolate Paradise

I miss you, I miss you, I miss you...

Chocolate Cream Cup
Not enough space for dessert after your meal? Try this!

Bread counter
Fresh, fresh, fresh

All these were prepared by Joanne's brother... What I can say is, bring more friends to the shop and each of you order different dishes, so you can taste all of them. If you ask me which is the most delicious one, oh, sorry, all of them are so so so good.



Pr3tty* Knitty~ said...

they definitely look delicious!
i want the mushroom soup!
also take me to stone rice ya! hehe

lingzie said...

wah....yum yum!! i want!!! next time i'm in KL must definitely go and visit and do a review in my blog also!! :)

Wei Sum said...

lingtze, even if you didn't say it, I will also drag you there... hehhee

Kitman, no matter what you want to eat I will also bring you there la... I promise