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Saturday, December 29, 2007


Sometimes, we gals will find all sort of reasons to pamper ourselves, for example, after working so hard, we sign up for a spa or facial course; Chinese New Year is coming, so, we shop for clothes and shoes, or sometimes even with no reason, or feel a little upset, we will go to get a manicure, pedicure and not to forget, good food (I always believe in food therapy)...
However, I can't eat with only myself, I need to go with somebody, so, when Lingzie came to KL mid Dec for her business trip, I "ajak" her to go to this restaurant called Hajime with me, for no reason, just felt a little bit boring lately.
I have came across this restaurant when I was driving aimlessly around Jalan Ampang. Then, Lingzie did recommend a blog to me which the blogger wrote about this restaurant too. So, I think it's time for us to give it a try!
That night, I wasn't very hungry, and Lingzie had taken something while waiting for me. So, we gals shared a Hajime Lady's Set for main course, sweet pea for appetizer and a side order of soft shall crab maki. Let me tell you what's in the lady's set, it has sashimi, chawa mushi, sushi, baby octopus, korokke, soba, there are 2 dishes that I don't know and ice-cream is included in the set too!
The food there is really good, it didn't disappoint us, in fact, the ice-cream gave us a surprise! When the waiter served the ice-cream to us, of course, it looks really nice and attractive, we can't wait to eat it immediately, but, the waiter stopped us, he said the ice-cream contain alcohol, sort of like warned us not to eat it in a hurry or we might get drunk. So eager to eat like us, we don't even border, I told Lingzie, how strong can the alcohol be in this ice-cream? That's impossible to get drunk with this! But, but, but, after a teaspoonful ice-cream melt in our mouth, we finally agreed with what the waiter told us.
Another thing that I need to say is, the staffs there are really really friendly, they will come to talk to us, asking comments, serve food with smiles... you know, this is important! The staffs there have done it naturally and we felt absolutely comfortable in there. Thumb up!
Let's guess how much we spent. Answer is at the bottom of this post.
(Hint: good price)

Yea, this is our sweet Lingzie browsing the menu and drinking her green tea

Hajime logo - a "pregnant" fish, so cute

Japanese style steam sweet pea
Notice the basket? It's a shape of fish


Cheese baked "something"
We have no idea what's inside, but taste good

Another type of sushi, but this is rolled by inari




Baby octopus

Chawa Mushi

Hajime Lady's Set

Soft shell crab maki

This is the ice-cream that I mentioned

(December = Christmas month, so, they put these colorful snowflake on their logo)

The restaurant is facing this magnificent view

Hajime outlook

The light box sign in front of the restaurant

Answer: RM99


Gina said...

Nice pics! Great coverage on Angkor and Siem Reap. I read the entire collection! I love Siem Reap too! I went there last year and vowed to return.

gina from absolutginger

lingzie said...

aiyoh i so lazy hor didnt even do a post about this place yet!! quick someone give me a kick on my butt to get me moving! :P
i do love hajime. we must go again soon!

Borg said...

ohhh thats really cheap for the food and ambiance.......pix of ling does her no justice :P ...

nice blogging by the way....

Wei Sum said...

Thanks Gina & Borg

Lingzie, don't worry, sure we will go there again, we have a lot of other dishes to try!