I love capturing photos of plants, food and non-living things because I always believe, although they are not human, but they do have their own expression and emotion yet to be read and appreciated.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Raspberry Cheese Cake

Since I’ve got my smart phone and installed Instagram, I think I found a better way to share my photos, better is in the sense of efficiency and convenience. Yet, there are some post need to elaborate and share in details, e.g. my vacation photos and diary, but will cut down those posts of food or restaurants that I’ve visited.

When technology gets more convenient and sophisticated, human tends to be lazier, e.g. in the era without phone, we wrote letter with perfume paper and beautiful sticker and stamps; in the era without mobile phone, we will walk miles to public phone to call regardless of good or bad weather; in the era with smart phone, we whatapps, fb to wish happy birthday… Technology shortened the distance and at the same time, seems lengthened the distance as the same time. But of course I still appreciate technology that has improved our lives…

I’ve no idea why am I writing such an emotional intro, sounds like a goodbye or something… Come back to the topic, this is the cake that I bake for one of my betties, Kitman, for her birthday. I’m so sorry for her because she always see me posting cake I baked for others but I’ve never bake one for her, even we know each other for about 15 years, almost half of my life.

This cake took me 2 days to finished, baking layer by layer, took time and definitely need patience to let each layer to set, because she deserved the best. Bottom is the digestive biscuit, 2nd lower is the cheese layer, 2nd upper is raspberry mousse and top is raspberry jelly. And of course I’m glad the birthday girl like it. I hope, I really hope I can bake you cake for birthday till I can’t bake anymore.


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