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Friday, September 04, 2009


Got to stop blogging my Europe trip and slot this post in first.

This is a new restaurant, not solely a restaurant... but shop selling fresh pork too... opps, sorry for those muslim reading this... it's non-halal.

Been eating a lot of pork lately... ate 3 all-pork meals in 3 weeks... crazy or not? As if I'm a big fans to pork... but it's actually nothing wrong for saying so.

1st two times were birthday celebrations to my friends, @ El Cerdo and Sanbanto, then the 3rd time was bringing my colleague for a casual dinner after work @ Sanbanto.

Will blog about El Cerdo later. But I certainly would like to introduce to you this unique pork selling and eating shop - SANBANTO.

What will you relate when seeing this name - SANBANTO? I thought it's a Japanese name, but I was wrong.
It is a family business, according to the owner, to be specific the youngest son who is helping up in the shop, Sanbanto is a name of a place in Johor, somewhere in between Mersing and Kluang and they have their own ISO22000 certified pig farm there. That's the origin of the name. Oh... ic

The shop is located in SS2, same row as KTZ, the desserts house. The shop isn't very big, but 麻雀虽小五脏俱全, sales counter, kitchen, cold storage has already occupied half of the shop, so, space in the dining area is limited. I was lucky, 1st time when I was there, they still be able to spare a small table for 2 at a corner. Then 2nd time, I wouldn't want to take the risk, they are kind enough to let me book a table for 6 and allowed me to book some of their fast selling signatured dishes.

Pork Belly Salad...
doesn't has ** next to the name in the menu, but I find it taste really good, best salad of all

Sanbanto Bread Crumbed Pork ear salad
I think not everybody can accepted this, pork ear is deep fried, I only tried one piece
All salads are served with a small bowl of yellowish sauce, I think this sauce is a mixture of honey with "something"... but I don't know what is/ are the "something"

Pork Bolognese
The pasta is homemade... I tried this in my 1st visit, I think the dish is nice and fun! Because they put pork lard together with the minced meat, what a Spanish & Chinese fusion!

Pork Sphagetti
Actually same style of cooking as pork bolognese, but in my second visit, they said all homemade pasta has sold out, so, they suggested sphagetti, in fact, I like sphagetti more than bolognese, just a personal favourism to sphagetti.

Actually there was another pasta that was recommended by them, it is Cordon Bleu Pasta... but too busy eating... forgot to take picture. The meat roll has cheese wrapping inside, it was very very tasty too...

I like this the most... Sanbanto Bacon N Cheese Burger
The burger is so juicy and tasty... must try must try... highly recommended

BBQ Ribs
my friend said this remind her of Tony Roma's... I don't eat beef, so, I can't comment how true is that, but the pork is really very tender and even the fat layer on top of the meat can melt in mouth too... amazing...
Another friend commented that the sauce is a little bit too sweet, ya... maybe the chef has to do something to it.

Dessert time...
Hot Chocolate Brownie... oooo, the chocolate so rich... I presume, they are using good chocolate, because it has a taste of bitterness, very fine, very pampering.
The guy said it is best in town... well, no comment, you got to try it out first.

"if you wouldn't mind, you can also try another dessert, named Pistachio Pannacotta..." the guy continue selling his dessert to us.
Well, erm, it's an Italian dessert, the dessert tasted like creme brulee without the caramel topping... I can said, I'm still pretty conservative in dessert, I don't really know how to appreciate that, although the presentation is very attractive.

I had a litte chatting with the guy, I asked what make them think of doing this business? He said, they are trying to educate the consumer, what's the real organic pork, because there are too many people out there claimed that they sell organic pork but in fact they are not.

They has a tagline too "From Our Farm to Your Table". The pork products are claimed to be Beta Agonist Free; No Drug Residue and hygienically produced and prepared and they have the Moody Certification too. Well... I know nothing about that, I only know food is nice, price is reasonable... Go try it yourself!

32, SS2/63,
Petaling Jaya,
47300 Selangor

Tel: +603 78761728

Business Hour
Fresh Pork: 7.00am - 8.00pm
Food: 11.30am - 3.00pm, 6.00pm - 10.00pm


I Leen said...

Yorr.. I tell you. My carnivore hubby will be exhilarated when he visit this place. *><*

Wei Sum said...

next time you guys come down to KL, I bring you there... hehe

Jean said...

the food looks really great!!!
came over from masak-masak~^^

neil said...

"I think this sauce is a mixture of honey with "something"... "

I vaguely remember being told it's honey and mustard :)

That bacon and cheese burger looks irresistible. I'm definitely going back there again, definitely going to have that burger!

Wei Sum said...

Thanks Neil...